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How did the Honey Stash begin?

Well... It all started with a phone call. A beekeeper had heard that there was a lady, who had a  Organic farm up on Strawberry Hill. 

The farmer was Caroline (my mum) and that beekeeper was David Wainwright!


When David arrived with his bee hives, Caroline insisted on helping out. Together in the rain Strawberry Hill apiary was established... and so was a relationship! 

With a beekeeper now in the family an interest in bees and honey began. 

 A few months later, we placed some hives in our 100 acre woodland on the farm on Salisbury plain.

 "The Warren".

 A rich array of wild flowers,

sainfoin, clover and lime trees.

Last September the bees at the Warren lent us supers from the hives as seating for our wedding in the magical woodland.



My partner Dean and i (Jodie) soon found ourselves at Bath Farmers Market. Selling honey of course!


What we thought was a nice weekend job soon became our work. As David placed more apiaries in and around Salisbury Plain, We joined more markets and sold more honey. 

Each apiary produced a very different honey, each honey with its own unique flavour. Labelled with recognisable place names, being local, pure and delicious, Wainwright's Bee Farm flourished!

Our Customers loved the honey and we loved our customers! We dabbled in beekeeping but front line at the markets was our place. 

So here we are 5 years later, continuing to sell not only honey but honeycomb, candles and beeswax wraps (made with our own beeswax) 


Find us at markets or order here!




Online Delivery Service


You can find us at...

Bath farmers market - Saturday weekly 8:30-1pm

still open 8- 12!

Frome cheese & grain - 1st Saturday of month 9-1pm

closed until further notice

MSN farmers market - 2nd saturday of month 9-1pm

Reopening 4th July 2020

Frome Independnt - 1st Sunday of the month 9-3pm

closed until further notice

Summertown Oxford - 2nd & 4th Sunday 10-2pm

closed until further notice

Malmsbury market - 1st Friday of the month 9-2pm

closed until further notice


To Order

We have a new online Honey drop service available to people living in Somerset and Wiltshire.

Local delivery on Saturdays..

Last orders before 11:00am Saturday morning.

£1 charge.

 For outside areas we can post a maximum of 3 jars/products per order. simply add post charge at




We understand that some of our customers might not be comfortable using our online shop. Please feel free to contact us via chat or the form at the bottom of the page and we will help you get the wonderful Wainwright's Honey you love.

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